Sounding architectures

The author’s scholarship spent at the iASK (Institute of Advanced Studies, Kőszeg) provided an opportunity to develop an old idea: to make musical sketches entitled “Sounding Houses” along the parallels of music and architecture.

This is how the first composition was written, based on the facade of the Hrcaded house on Jurisics Square in Kőszeg. The concept and the examples of music in Kőszeg can be heard here.

It is also part of the idea that these sketches should not only be part of a one-time and individual program, but also the initiators of a broader creative musical game. For this reason, Sounding Houses is part of the iASK Music Workshop's accredited music teacher training program called ’Sounding City’. And since the idea of such work with the Pauline monastery ruins was conceived in the above institute, it is fitting that the architecture of the Salföld church should also be given a musical explanation.